This is a an attempt at giving an honest opinion of how I see certain things of interest in the Conwy County area of North Wales, Current affairs in general,and an assortment of general thoughts,also to take an odd pop at those in public life who get a bit too complacent to the needs of the area and local people.

There are a many people out there who feel the same way, and have neither the place or time to air their views.
The silent majority.
the people are the masters!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

"Some come to the fountain of knowledge to drink. Some come to gargle."


"Sometimes I drink, sometimes I gargle, and sometimes I stub my toe on
the fountain as I stumble by. "

Good Golly!

How many of us remember the humble Golly?
How many remember the Robinson's jam Golly pins, and therefore how many of us feel a smile when we see this photo?
A very harmless smile, no offence intended.
How long will said Gollys be allowed to be sold in this country?

Friday, 1 October 2010


It must be over 12 months ago a certain employee of the council told this blog about the car in the photo having umpteen unpaid parking fines and went on to say that it had no valid car tax yet was being driven by a local person.
Well yesterday it was in Asda car park and still had no car tax.
No big deal in many ways, but this car has to be over 3 years old, were it a British car it would of course have to have a valid MOT certificate or I presume it would not have valid insurance, thus were it in a serious road traffic accident and killed someone the driver would not be insured.
How does this work with foreign registered cars that have not left the UK for such a long time then?
It is no laughing matter having cars driving around without insurance, if this is the case here then why has nothing being done about it?
The council presumably never got paid the fines either.

Will They End Up Halal By Any Chance?

Thanks to a friend of the blog the following was in the in box this morning.

"10 Cows escape in Llanrhos/Deganwy just off Robinson's Research at 5.30am

This then takes, 10 Police cars & a Police Van to Control

This might just grab some attention... "

" & What did you say your name was again Sir? "

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fair Point.

"When are they going to finish the alterations outside Venue Cymru.

It is taking as long as West Shore Bridge!! What are they doing?

By Bob the Builder on
How Long is this pile of S+++ up for? at 8:40 AM"

Gone To Put Her Feet Up!

"Dear Colleagues,

Please find the enclosed letter from Cllr Linda Hurr informing me of her decision to resign her post as a Town and County Councillor with immediate effect due to health reasons.

As the Group Leader and on behalf of our group, I would wish to thank Linda for her previous effort's and contributions as a Conwy Councillor and would add that it has been a pleasure and a privilege for me personally to work alongside Linda since her election in 2008.

I am sure you would join with me in wishing her all the very best and to hope that she resumes better health in the fullness of time.

Thank you.

Cllr Janet Finch-Saunders.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives C.C.B.C.
Cllr Janet Finch-Saunders - "

"I found Cllr Linda was very enthusiastic at the beginning, but I personally I felt over the last year that the initial enthusiasm had diminished.
Together with her health issues that have been with her for sometime she now feels she can not continue in her role. I wish Linda all the best for the future. "

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

How Long is this pile of S+++ up for?

This photo was taken last week, the last of the visitors amble along, how long will this monstrosity of scaffolding and advertising be up for though?
Could it not have at least straited by now?

A Year Is A long Time In Politics!

Unlike Mama Lyon I have never been a fan of banning dogs on the West Shore, but 12 months ago the above featured in the North Wales Weekly News, 12 months on nothing, it just shows how cheap headlines are.
I personally would much rather see a Litter warden patrol the West Shore than a dog warden, for I see far more dog ends and general litter strewn about than I do dog shit!
Fair enough a small minority do not clear up after their dogs, but far more do not clear up after themselves.
If we all had a little more pride then none of this would be mentioned in the first place, but there you are, that is just the way that it is.

What a Guy.

What a good read, this was a man who went from the bottom to the top of the tree, being black when there were few equalities for him anywhere, he once came back from fighting in Vietnam and was refused a burger because of his colour.
No complaints he just got on with it and proved them all wrong.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Where Are They Now??

Where are this trio of opportunistic politicians now then?

Note they were happy to pose outside Llandudno hospital not that long ago, no sign of them the last few weeks.

All Are Equal.

A young mother pulls up in front of a parking space on Trinity Square indicator on ready to reverse into the said space, woman drives into the space thereby stealing the space from young mum, mum reverses slightly to gesture the woman that it was her space, woman gives a sarcastic smile.
Mum drives off.
The woman who stole the space?
One Cllr Vicky McDonald, Mayor of Conwy,
says a lot about the person that.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Gareth and the 20 K Tax Free Pay Off

"He did not have the guts to face the voters again after his broken promises about Llandudno Hospital .
Gareth Jones did not win the election fairly last time , he evan had the Llandudno Hospital promise included on the voting slip . Why wait seven months ?
go now.
What good will you do hanging on ?
Or is it only the money you were ever bothered about , nice little earner being an AM. Will there be anything left to save of Llandudno Hospital by next May ?
Gareth,s Plaid and its Labour partners in Cardiff are determined to carry on reducing services at the Hospital .Shame on you , how can the voters ever trust Plaid again .
By Jimmy on
Is This The Reason Why He Has Been So Quiet On The... at 2:13 PM"

Gareth will never go before the election.
When he suffered the indignity of loosing to possible the thickest ARSEmbly member ever, one Denise Idris Jones he picked up a tax free £20,000, he will pick up another amount of not less than £20,000 when he gives up this time and will no doubt get to keep all the office equipment that he has bought on OUR money over the years, such as his little used digital camera and mobile phones.
Will he donate this Tax Free 2o K to charity, show willing he was in it for the good not the money?
What will Mark Jones do for a job after the election, will he get a pay off from Gareth's allowence to wrap up his office??
Seeing as Mark is a candidate himself it seems a little too much to expect us to pay him off to, beraring in mind he was paid whilst he canvassed on behalf of PC Phil in the last general election!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Is This The Reason Why He Has Been So Quiet On The Hospital Saga?

The Plaid Cymru AM for Aberconwy, Gareth Jones, will stand down from the Welsh assembly at next year's election.

"I hope I've been able to contribute something to our fledgling democracy here in Wales.

"I also hope that the next fourth assembly will see someone elected who shares my passion both for this constituency and for this nation and someone who will finally have the right tools to get on with the job of representing the people of Aberconwy in a proper parliament for Wales."

Flash With The Cash!

"Hi Oscar
I have been told that Cartrefi Conwy is a none profit company, and i believe the director is on ninety thousand plus, the figures given to me, seem like another gravity defying exercise, more smoke and mirrors"
How have we got to a situation that a housing association is able to donate £10,000 towards a football pitch?
Cartrefi Conwy have been spending money as its going out of fashion of late and seems intent to carry on this habit.
Who are running the madhouses of late?
Meanwhile the old peoples centre in Conwy is in serious danger of closing down due to a shortage of cash.
What about the other valuable facility the Old peoples centre on Trinity Avenue, are they doing alright for cash?
What about the too numerous to mention elderly people of the county that have given much to society that now find themselves too proud to ask for help to be able to heat their homes in the Winter months.
Cartrefi Conwy are already looking to relocate and get themselves some nice new offices with ultimately tax payers money, whether that money comes from Europe or not, it comes from tax payers pockets, it's all wrong.
If the football club is so short of money they should look at other means to raise the money than rely on a housing association to stump up the cash.
In these days of financial restraint this is grossly irresponsible.