This is a an attempt at giving an honest opinion of how I see certain things of interest in the Conwy County area of North Wales, Current affairs in general,and an assortment of general thoughts,also to take an odd pop at those in public life who get a bit too complacent to the needs of the area and local people.

There are a many people out there who feel the same way, and have neither the place or time to air their views.
The silent majority.
the people are the masters!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Break time.

Now is an opportune time to take a break from the blog, most of you will know why so I need not elaborate further. 
It's very time consuming and the threats of late have had wider implications than a letter from Cardiff if you catch my drift.
Next May, general election time the good folk of Aberconwy may well give someone a break from politics, for at the end of the day,
We are their masters!
Take care of yourselves till we meet again. 

Of course he has never asked anything directly, he has engaged Cardiff lawyers. 
For legal reasons I am somewhat restricted in what I can say at present.

It is all because of an open letter received that was passed to the blog and published, he also took umbrage with the Western Mail for an editorial based on the open letter.

Cost of Llandudno Town Crier.

I asked what the cost of the town crier was, I am amazed that the council have seen fit to spend this much, what planet are they on?


From: Llandudno TC
Llandudno Town Council

Dear Oscar,

Thank you for your email.

The Town Crier has been officially appointed by Llandudno Town Council.

The post has an Honorarium of £400 p.a., plus membership of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers.

The uniform was supplied by the Town Council at a cost of £1,821.60 ex vat. 
Research was undertaken beforehand with other Town Councils regarding a Town Crier's role and potential costs. 

The Town Council hopes that the post has been well received by both residents and visitors to the Town. Further information about the 
Town Crier can be found on the Town Council website, under 'Mayoral'. 

I hope that this answers your questions. Please get back to me if needed.

With regards

Tessa Wildermoth, MSc
Clerc y Dref / Town Clerk
Cyngor Tref Llandudno / Llandudno Town Council
Town Hall
Lloyd Street
Llandudno LL30 2UP

Tel.No. / Ffôn: 01492 879130
E-mail / E-bost: [Llandudno Town Council request email]
Website / Gwefan:

show quoted sections

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

PCSO's with speed guns now!

PCSO's with speed guns now, 200 cars and only 2 speeding and yet the plastic coppers can't do anything in any case as they have no powers!
Why use the guns in the first place I wonder if there is no problem in that area?


All said and done it's a great pity that this has been further delayed, I can't help but wonder if there is an additional fee involved here and if the taxpayer will be footing the bill , again.
This has already cost into six figures via grants etc.
The figures still look awful around the base and I still wonder what if anything this brings to the table beside lining someones pockets for very little benefit to the people who have paid so much for this little folly thought of by the few.
All it has been is a constant drip of hype believed by very few, what happens when they need painting again?
Not more cost updating the APP?

Monday, 25 August 2014


Is Jim Jones honestly saying that Llandudno has enjoyed record number of visitors due to the Alice Trail, which I had not even realised had gone live!
As for the landing stage, how many ships have to date even called there?

"The new lolly, which is also covered with seaweed, contains salt from the Llandudno shore and is available to buy from Parisella’s Ice Cream Parlour, Conwy.

Jim Jones, section head tourism and communities at Conwy County Borough Council, said, “What better way to give visitors a true seaside experience than to enjoy a taste of the sea?"

“We’ve already enjoyed a record number of visitors to Conwy this summer, helped by the launch of a multimedia Alice in Wonderland town trail and the re-launch of Llandudno’s Landing Stage which has reopened the area back up to the sea.”

Daily Mail has fallen for this as well, amazing that if you repeat something often enough some people believe it!
Has the Alice App gone live or not?

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Free painting and hanging baskets!

The Morlock Mad Hatters aka the Chamber of Trade and Alice have extracted even more money out of the Council taxpayer, not as much this time but nevertheless a tidy sum to paint a few shops and get a few hanging baskets, it is alleged the business premisses never paid a penny towards the painting of this shops and cafes.

From: Oscar

Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
What is the value of goods and services supplied to Eileen Burrows
in whatever role she holds in organising the painting of commercial
premises such as Molly's Café and the Greenery amongst others.
I am referring to materials such as paint etc.
Are the council willing to fund the paint;/ materials to others
within the town?
Why was she and her group painting council owned information
Did she have the relevant insurance for allowing volunteers to
carry out this work?

Yours faithfully,



From: Derek O'Connor
Conwy County Borough Council


Dear Sir

Regarding the infrastructure clean up throughout the town, the Chamber of trade approached CCBC to ask if they can paint our finger posts and benches. CCBC were more than happy to accept this kind gesture.

CCBC have contributed £1399 towards the purchase of 20 hanging baskets/brackets and planters, the funding for the paint and other tools have been sourced by the Chamber of Trade. This was supported in recognition of all the positive work the businesses of Llandudno Chamber of Trade have done collectively to spruce up Madoc Street, and other areas within the town.

Regarding whether CCBC would support other groups that take a pro active approach to improving the environment of the town? This is something CCBC has been doing for many years and would look to support on a case by case basis.

The knock on effect of this work has been promising, new businesses are joining the Chamber of Trade, a dynamic and pro active group like this can only be advantageous for Llandudno in order to draw down other sources of funding.

Issues relating to Greenery, Molly's café and insurance the Chamber of Trade would be able to advise on.

If for whatever reason you are unhappy with the response please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, or by post, remembering to quote the above reference number in any future communications.

Please ensure all email correspondence is sent to the [Conwy Council request email] email address

Uned Llywodraethu Gwybodaeth/ Information Governance Unit
Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol CONWY County Borough Council
E-Bost / E-Mail: [Conwy Council request email]


Monday, 18 August 2014

Great Alsatian, name him competition. . .


Below is a snapshot of tweets by the Caernarvon resident and Member of Parliament for Aberconwy.
Are they the ramblings of a man who holds a once proud position , who until these tweets never even responded to a person who posed a reasonable question to him via twitter?
Why would he further alienate the legal profession with a tweet asking if solicitors had too much time on their hands ? 
Purporting to be from a constituent, never mind why a constituent would bother asking him that question in the first place?
I am very pleased to see that he at least has been in the constituency on a Sunday, for being an honorable member of Parliament we take as fact anything he says don't we? 
Why would he say that he had been to the Lilly on the West Shore if he hadn't ?


The equivalent of 318 years of work is lost through sickies pulled by Welsh Government staff

"The equivalent of 318 years of work is lost through sickies pulled by Welsh Government staff" 

Joan Vaughan, what news of this?

"Hi Oscar
             Fag Ash Lil is at it again not content with having her arse kicked for her objections to the betting shop in Conwy, She is chairing a meeting on Monday which is proposing a childrens play area on the football field in Gyffin this childrens play area would have a social shelter.
The area is already a magnet for drugs and under age drinking vandalism and fires.
Fag Ash Lil seems to want to increase this, strange she wants this to go through, now she has moved to her new house, her old house backed on to this field, the word nimby springs to mind she is supported by (you guested it) gone away.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Another fiasco?

"Its official now. As everyone in the business suspected, its Alpine that has got the lot.
The council claim it will save £260,000, presumably per annum.
Contracts covered number 36. Thats a lot less than previously mentioned, I think the original was 54. 
So whether it covers the whole of Conwy Council territory I don't know. But that is what was originally stated.
There will be a lot of disgruntled sore heads at Abacab, Llew Jones, Arriva, Voel to mention just a few."
"Cllr Mike Priestley says the council has saved £260,000, but one coach operator says the rushed bidding process means that might not be true, and the Council may have missed out on an even better deal.
Tom Roberts, who runs Roberts Mini Coaches, was one of the companies who missed out, and thinks the savings the council says it has got aren’t exactly correct.
“By changing the routes, they have one or two less buses, so it’s bound to be cheaper than last year,” he said.
“They’ve taken two vehicles off and added taxis to ferry kids in to them, and those taxis have only just gone out to tender. They’ve not put the taxi cost on Alpine’s cost.
“[One route] was £145 per day. That’s gone, that route isn’t on, but they’ve put a taxi on it, and they don’t know what that’s going to cost.”
“It should have gone to auction, and it might have been lower.”"

Friday, 15 August 2014

Oggy Bloggy Ogwr and his view on Bebb's outstanding legal threat.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Aberconwy Funnel-Bebb Spider

"For there is always something down there,
in the dark, waiting to come out...."
(6th August - Devolution : The Failures) : "In fact, blogging's still quite dangerous - even in Wales - and you leave yourself open to getting into disputes when you didn't need to."

I don't like "blogging about blogging", but due to a row between the slightly off-the-wall Conwy County-based blog, Thoughts of Oscar, and the local Conservative MP Guto Bebb my hand's been forced. It's also been covered in depth by National Left and Miserable Old Fart.

From the outset, I doubt myself and whoever's behind the Thoughts of Oscar blog would agree on anything politically. If someone in the Welsh blogosphere is coming under unjustified attack though, we should do everything we can to support each other as we're going out on a limb through doing this. All for one and one for all etc.

Here's a brief overview of what's happened :
  • Thoughts of Oscar published an open letter by "C. Thomas" which states (correctly) that Guto Bebb MP is one of the staunchest supporters of Israel in Westminster; had received donations from Russian energy oligarch (and Tory donor), Alexander Temerko; had asked parliamentary questions on Israel; and had a few dealings with pro-Israeli lobbying organisations. The author questioned Guto's commitment to his constituents, and dealings with Israelis due to the Gaza conflict.
  • Guto Bebb defended his support for Israel in the Daily Post/Western Mail and Golwg360, and said he didn't wish to "dignify (the open letter) with a comment". Bebb also claimed via Twitter that the Western Mail's political editor, David Williamson, was running a story "based on web libel".
  • Cardiff-based Thomas Simon solicitors sent a legal letter to the author of Thoughts of Oscar (and others) – which Guto Bebb published – refuting several of the points made in the open letter such as : denying donations were related to pro-Israeli views; visits to Israel were purely business; that Guto didn't vote to send troops to Syria (he did vote in favour of military action though, which could've resulted in the use of British military personnel in/over Syria); and inferring that four star Israeli hotels aren't luxury.
  • The solicitors requested that the open letter be taken down immediately (it's still up as of today) and the author of the letter will have 5 working days to substantiate its content. Thoughts of Oscar believes there's a good chance they'll have to close the blog and Twitter account due to the legal threat hanging over them.

So Guto said he considers the open letter to be potentially libellous - a very serious accusation.There will probably be parallels made with Jacqui Thompson (Carmarthenshire Planning), but – and I hope Jacqui doesn't mind me saying this – Bebb has an even weaker case than Mark James.

Looking at this dispassionately - putting aside views on the Gaza crisis for a moment - the open letter was well-researched. All of the sources used in the open letter were credible : The Guardian, Western Mail, Freedom of Information requests and even Guto Bebb himself.. Most of it was left open to interpretation, with no direct accusations of wrong-doing.

For example, the open letter didn't say the Alexander Temerko donation was specifically related to Bebb's support for Israel, just that Temerko has made donations to pro-Israeli MPs. People were left to make their own minds up, though it's hard to tell if it counts as innuendo or not. It's only seems defamatory if you're deliberately looking for/interpreting things as being defamatory remarks.

Defamation laws were updated in the Defamation Act 2013. Three key defences include :
  • Truth – As said, pretty much everything in the open letter was based on information from reliable sources. Guto (or, more accurately, his legal advisers) didn't once publicly deny anything that the letter contained, only disputing the interpretation (what Miserable Old Fart described as "the minutiae") - like the number of stars a hotel has.
  • Honest Opinion/Fair Comment – The letter was an opinion piece regarding a highly-contentious issue. You could argue that the final paragraph damages Guto Bebb's reputation as an MP, but you can – and should in a democracy – consider it a constituent expressing dissatisfaction with the performance of their elected representative, and bringing into question some of their professional associations. These are things we should all have a right to know and do. In fairness, it appears Guto Bebb has always been keen to be transparent - except this.
  • Publication in the public interest – Of course it was. Anything a politician does in relation to their job or representative role is in the public interest and, as said, all of the details in the open letter were covered extensively by several credible sources, then wrapped up neatly in a single open letter. There were no personal insults and no attacks on Guto's character.

The legal letter was, effectively, an indirect reply to everything contained in open letter – a "right of reply" if you will. However, I don't know why Guto or his staff didn't write the rebuttal of a 450-word letter themselves instead of hiring a group of legal professionals to nit-pick. Surely Guto and his staff know what he has or hasn't done and can explain that on request?

There's absolutely no need to call for anyone to remove any blog or shut anything down. If Guto has a right to express his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so does everyone else.

MPs – especially from Labour and the Conservatives - are rather delicate, big-headed souls struggling to find relevance in Wales since devolution. I'm sure many get a kick from throwing their weight around by using their power and privileged position. They need to keep reminding us that they're there.

Like many people in the public eye, they don't like it when anyone - let alone an uppity blogger - flags potentially embarrassing things up for all to see.

The main thing the open letter did to harm Guto Bebb's reputation is hold a mirror up in front of him. If Guto feels he's been defamed, that's because his own documented actions and associations down the years have defamed himself.

I doubt hair-trigger tempers are considered a useful trait for a politician; so any politician in that position should probably consider taking up a more sedate job, like flower-arranging or dog grooming; perhaps even selling cocktails by the sea in Eilat.

If it were left to the courts to decide who's telling the truth in politics - based solely upon interpreting minutiae and reading between the lines of the statements they pump out - about 95% of British politicians would be dragged through the streets clapped in irons.

Guto Bebb was one of the few MPs I had a high opinion of, and Miserable Old Fart has said himself that he puts the work in at constituency level. He has his good side.

It's a shame really, but toys need to be put back in their pram.

Oink Oink Dinner.

Is this the dinner which cost the taxpayer over £600 for the oink oink Cllr Rees and Sasha Davies to attend in London? 
Did Rupert Moon tag along as well?

The trigger.

Guto Bebb choice of solicitor.

"Hello Oscar, this is @@@@@@@@@@@ from Twitter

I have been doing some more digging on Mr. Plebb, MP. It would appear
that his choice of solicitor has nothing to do with not pitting local
business against each other as he claimed, but is in fact an old

On the bio page for the solicitor in question, Stuart Brothers
(, it mentions "He was
forefront in interest rate swap litigation against investment banks
and gave a presentation to the All Party Parliamentary Group of MP's".

This would be the same All Party Parliamentary Group that is chaired
by Mr. Plebb (

The bio also mentions that the solicitor's speciality is "financial
services and regulatory matters", which makes his choice of solicitor
even more baffling.

So perhaps his choice of solicitor is more down to the fact that Mr.
Plebb has pushed a lot of work the solicitors way and is now getting
it done mates rates or even pro bono."

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bugger off Flannigan and Co!

I really can't see Bryn Williams is doing himself any favours more or less telling a certain Colin Flannigan to bugger off!
Colin long before any  criticism  was a great fan of Bryn Williams opening up at the skip, Porth Eirias and even went as far as trying to make a reservation, Colin tried to secure a booking for a as soon as it opened, sending an e mail, he was never shown the courtesy of a reply, it was then that Colin like the rest of us began to wonder what was going on.

I know that Colin can go out and entertain with the best of us, doubt he's ever  had a public penny off Conwy Council and knows a lot of people, and spends a fair few pounds in the local economy out of his own pocket, not the taxpayer.
Bryn has now responded to Colin saying hurry up and open up to Bryn saying he does not think Colin is the sort of person he wants in his new place, well I'm sure Colin needs Bryn a lot less than Bryn needs the likes of Colin, who unlike a few of Bryn's existing customers from Conwy like Oink Oink Rees and Sacha Davies at least pays his own way and does not charge £600 to the council's taxpayers funded expense account like they did on a visit to Odette's in London with it is alleged Rupert Moon tagging along, he's another one who will travel for a free dinner I'm told!
What do you all make of this bizzare response from Bryn Williams?

Local commerce.

Guto Bebb (@GutoBebb)
Been asked why not use a local firm to send a legal letter to local blog. Would be unfair of me to put one local business against another.


I don't class the following as pressure in the slightest, all the following does is show to me  that care in the community is seriously failing the most needy. 
Just When are the politicians and health care professionals going to see that there are some seriously ill people out there escaping the mental health net that is supposed to be there to help them.
I'd would love the person who wrote this to say it to the persons he names to their faces what he has to say!

Subject: [Thoughts of Oscar] New comment on I am under immense pressure to give the blog up, 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I am under immense pressure to give the blog up, i...": 

good morning @@@@@@@@ and @@@@@@@) just to up date you for some time i have been following your blog its nothing but malicious and a disgusting site, you probably have very sad lives im not going to say too much to you now but the net is closing in, ive known you both for over 25 years and you certainly do know who i am. i am going to expose your names on the internet and over facebook to let everyone know whos behind this evil site, ive contacted north wales police ive had lengthy conversations with them and the police have told me its been put on their intel system as to what im about to do, they have my name and details. thank you @@@@@ and co i will send you a message to your phone and to the solicitors when it goes live on the internet. it was a pleasure knowing you @@@@@@ thank you enjoy your day.....

I am under immense pressure to give the blog up, it may well happen, you can't fight someone who is a member of the ruling party running the country and a Conservative to boot!
There are medlings in the background is all I can say at present.
We can of course all have our say next May when there is a general election.
I was doubtful that I would vote, I'm tired of voting and I'm tired of politics, but I had least have a motivation to vote now don't I?


Interesting that the Managing Director of Mostyn Estates is urging the refusal of a possible application for a Sainsbury in Llandudno Junction.
Interesting on a few fronts, it was of course Mostyn Estates who were instrumental in shifting the shopping pattern from the centre of town to Mostyn Champneys and of course Parc Llandudno, had they not played a huge part Asda would never have moved to it's current location.
As we speak Mostyn are refusing private landlords permission to apply for changes of use to either catering of licensed premises either outright or not without a financial cost in some cases of thousands of pounds.
I t was therefore interesting to note an application for such a large premises known as William Glover to a Starbucks last week, retail A1 to A3, this I believe is a property owned by none other than you've guessed it, Mostyn Estates!
I don't blame them in the slightest, for Starbucks will stand or fall on its own merit, but why not allow others the same opportunity?

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Guto supports the local economy!

Nice of Guto to support neither a lawyer who is from the constituency he lives in nor from the  one  he gets so well remunerated to represent in Parliament. 
He would rather use one from Cardiff. 

The clock is ticking for me my friends, it is quite likely that this week may well signal the end for the blog due to Guto Bebb taking further action against the blog. 

Some may welcome that, I must be honest Guto was the last person I would have had in mind to get the blog closed down after the various other conflicts I and various other contributors have been through to come out the other side to see the light. 
That letter has for some reason really pissed him off, he gives no specific reason why though. 

Democracy and the right to question is obviously not alive and well within Aberconwy Conservatives!
How ironic that is.
Various media outlets have been in touch with me over the last few days, I'm giving careful thought to engaging with them at present, we shall see what happens this week. 
That's all for now, the fuse has been lit, will it burn to the end?

Next we know he'll be getting circumcised!

Guto has taken £8,000 from a Tony Endfield, brother of the person below, there are also birthday wishes on the for a Mr Tony Endfield, could this be the same Tony Endfield that gave the MP for Aberconwy £8,000?
Why has Guto been given these sums of money, for what has he been given these sums of money for?
Is Guto being given money by a person who is possibly based for tax reasons in Monaco?
A Non Dom?
This is all a long way from home for the boy from  Caernarfon!
Why is Guto so involved our Jewish friends?
Then of course he had as Chairman of Aberconwy Conservatives one Cedric Rigal,
The first ever Jew to also be a mayor of Conwy.
Are we to expect Guto to convert to Judaism any time soon having already jumped ship officially from Plaid some years back.
Amazing what a solicitors letter does to get one doing a little more digging!!

"R H ENDFIELD,Rayware 

ANOTHER successful businessman who likes to keep himself to himself,Raymond Hilton Endfield is joint owner of Liverpool-based glassmaker Rayware. 

His brother Anthony is managing director. 
The Speke-based business employs more than 100 people who work in the distribution of quality glassware across Great Britain and Ireland under the Rayware label. 

The company has bought the intellectual property rights for the Ravenhead Glassware Company. 

Mr Enfield's apartment block juts out over the bay at Monte Carlo. Directly underneath is the famous 19thcentury casino and the road tunnel which forms part of the grand prix circuit. "'s+richest%3B+Some+of+Merseyside's+richest...-a099740001


Anonymous said...£400k-het-projects?img=3 another of his donors Tony Endfield appears to be a supporter of Israel.

Don't let Bebb's bluster shut up free speech and fair comment. It's legalistic bullying and there's nothing in that open letter that's libellous. I will put £100 towards any legal fund to defend free speech

Guto Bebb.
(b) Support in the capacity as an MP:
Name of donor: Alexander Temerko
Address of donor: private
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5,000
Date of receipt: 26 March 2014
Date of acceptance: 26 March 2014
Donor status: individual
(Registered 9 April 2014)
Name of donor: Tony Endfield
Address of donor: private
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £8,000
Date of receipt: 1 May 2014
Date of acceptance: 1 May 2014
Donor status: individual
(Registered 3 June 2014)

6. Overseas visits

Name of donor: Conservative Friends of Israel Ltd
Address of donor: c/o Shelley Stock Hunter LLP, 7-10 Chandos Street, London W1G 9DG
Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): travel, accommodation and food with a value of £1,250
Destination of visit: Israel
Date of visit: 22-25 April 2014
Purpose of visit: Political delegation to Israel
(Registered 9 June 2014)

11. Miscellaneous

Proprietor of Egin Partnership, an economic consultancy. Address: Cynfal, Lon Ddewi, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 1BH. No payments received(Updated 9 June 2014)

By the way, the Tony Endfield who gave him £8k would appear to be a past or present patron of the United Jewish Israel Appeal: 

patrons have to give a minimum of £25k.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Already the recipient of legal action.

Two Tory MPs accused of ‘rank hypocrisy’ over donations from Russian wind farm developer.
Anti-wind MPs Alun Cairns and Guto Bebb  each took £5,000 from a Russian wind farm developer.

Two Conservative MPs have been accused of 'rank hypocrisy' over £10,000 they took in donations from a Russian wind farm developer.

Conservative MPs Alun Cairns and Guto Bebb have both spoken out against wind farms in the past. A self-proclaimed sceptic, Mr Cairns has branded wind energy inefficient and expensive, and called for a cut in the subsidies paid to their developers.

But Labour has criticised the pair, calling them hypocrites for taking cash from Alexander Temerko, a director of energy company Offshore Group Newcastle. The register of MPs’ interests shows Mr Cairns, MP for the Vale of Glamorgan, and Mr Bebb, MP for Aberconwy, each accepted £5,000 from him in April this year.

Records show since April 2012 Mr Temerko, who became a British citizen in 2011, has given the Conservatives more than £280,000 in donations.

They show four MPs have received individual donations totalling £30,000. Mr Cairns’ does not feature in the data, as it was made after the Electoral Commission’s most recent disclosure deadline.

In addition to oil and gas projects, OGN Group manufactures components for wind farms – several of which have been proposed or built in Wales despite public disapproval.

Chris Elmore, Mr Cairns’ opponent at next year’s general election, said the dispute echoed criticism of Welsh Conservative Assembly leader Andrew RT Davies last month.

He was accused of undermining Conservative wind policy after it emerged planning permission for a 99.5m tall wind turbine on his land had been requested by a company.

Mr Elmore said: “The sheer hypocrisy of the Tories knows no bounds. While David Cameron is promising to rid Britain of wind farms, there’s an application for a huge 100m wind turbine on the land of Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies.

“And now Alun Cairns, a Tory MP who sits on the Prime Minister’s advisory board, has been found taking cash from wind farm developers.”

He added: “David Cameron’s closest advisers are taking donations from the very industry PM is declaring war on.”

Mr Cairns said his opinion of wind farms had not changed, and that he had objected to an application for one in the past few weeks.

He said: “I am pleased to receive the support from such an expert engineer with experience across a range of economic sectors.

“He is a major employer in the UK and I would love to see him develop his engineering businesses in South Wales, and will do all I can to encourage him to this part of the country. Do my critics oppose that?”

Mr Bebb also said his position on wind farms was unaltered, and that he continued to support a campaign to stop them from being built in areas where they were not wanted.

He attacked Ed Miliband’s term as Environment Secretary, when he gave the green light to a £2bn wind farm off his North Wales constituency’s coastline despite local opposition.

He said: “The only hypocrisy on show here comes from the Labour Party, who were happy to see a minister in London reject a decision made by locally elected councillors. So much for their concern about the views of local people.”

A Welsh Labour spokesperson said: “This is rank hypocrisy from the Tories. Rather than complain about getting caught out, Mr Bebb would do better to be honest with his constituents from the start.”

A Conservative spokesperson added: “This is bizarre posturing from an increasingly desperate Labour candidate, best known for his attempts to shut Vale primary schools and slash education spending.”

A spokesperson for Mr Temerko said he supported the Conservative party as a member, and added: “He promotes and is actively involved in the party’s election campaign.”

David Cameron: £4.5m handout for Russian businessman who donated £90,000 for Prime Minister sculpture

Alexander Temerko, who is wanted on fraud charges in his homeland, snapped up the auction prize at the Tories’ summer bash

A RUSSIAN businessman donated £90,000 for a ­sculpture of David Cameron – months after his energy firm received £4.5million from taxpayers.

Alexander Temerko, who is wanted on fraud charges in his homeland, snapped up the auction prize at the Tories’ summer bash in June, but the multi-millionaire’s identity can be revealed today for the first time.

After his £90,000 bid, the PM strode over to his table at the £1,000-a-head fundraiser and slapped him on the back to congratulate him, onlookers said.

Electoral Commission records show director Mr Temerko, or his wind farm firm Offshore Group Newcastle, have donated £348,155 to the party since February 2012.

Eight months before Mr Temerko’s bid for the bust, OGN got £4.5million from the Department for Business’s Regional Growth Fund.

Tories insisted the donations and the grant were not connected. A party source said: “All donations are fully transparent and declared to the Electoral Commission.”

Mr Temerko is also in a group of donors who dine with Mr Cameron and Cabinet ministers. Members must give at least £50,000 to join the clique.

OGN failed to respond to requests for a comment on the businessman’s support for the Conservatives. Although there is no suggestion of wrongdoing by him or his firm, Labour accused the PM of looking after his wealthy allies at the expense of ordinary people.

Labour vice-chairman Michael Dugher said: “We know David Cameron only stands up for a privileged few while ordinary people are on average nearly £1,500 a year worse off under his Government.

For the PM to invite the mega-rich to splash out on a bust of himself shows just how vain and out of touch he is.”

Mr Temerko was given permission to stay in Britain eight years ago after a bid to extradite him to Russia failed. He is wanted on fraud charges over his old firm Yukos.

He strongly denied the charges and a judge agreed the case was politically motivated.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Some good people out there!

"Seriously tho - if it goes to court I'll contribute £20 or so...keep up the good work"

Yesterday Guto Bebb commenced legal action against this blog for publishing the open letter sent to him via the blog.

Yesterday Guto Bebb commenced legal action against this blog for publishing the open letter sent to him via the blog.
It is I suspect now a real possibility that this blog and it's twitter account may now be closed down as a result of a complaint made by Bebb's lawyers who are based in Cardiff, who in the first instance demand the letter is removed, he has already made complaints about the editorial piece published in the Western Mail, so I am in good company. 
I have to admit that is must surely be somewhat rare that a Member of Parliament engages a firm of lawyers over such a matter at no doubt great cost to not expect a result.
So there we have it, make of it what you will.
One point that brought a smile to my face was the fact he took exception to the letter saying he had stayed in luxury accommodation, it politely pointed out that the hotel was only a 4 star , I'm sure to the many who rely on food banks and charity handouts an all expenses paid trip staying in a 4 star hotel would indeed be a luxury, but obviously to a Member of Parliament it is slumming it as they say.
So if this indeed is the end and Guto Bebb succeeds where many others have failed, goodbye, stay well and look after yourselves, it's been a ball!
This is after all Britain in 2014!

* The twitter account run by Guto Bebb's member of staff for the purpose of knocking Labour and Mary Wimbury has already been taken down, not sure by whom, it was in use during office hours and the identity of the member of staff is known to me.