This is a an attempt at giving an honest opinion of how I see certain things of interest in the Conwy County area of North Wales, Current affairs in general,and an assortment of general thoughts,also to take an odd pop at those in public life who get a bit too complacent to the needs of the area and local people.

There are a many people out there who feel the same way, and have neither the place or time to air their views.
The silent majority.
the people are the masters!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"Sorry to go off topic but does anyone else find the council's decision to put a marquee up inside the Eirias Sports barn for the summer resulting in the sports pitch not being available for hire, bizarre.
I thought the facility was built for sporting purpose not for the council to make a quick buck on letting it out for weddings.
Surely the local authority should not be competing with hotels who offer a similar facility."

Another point of view regarding Alice.

Jacqui thornton has left a new comment on your post "Llandudno Hospitality view.":

I am not from Llandudno, but my Grandfathers family are and were builders that built many houses and hotels around the town. As a child my Grandfather would bring me on visits to the town and I can remember to this day the magical feeling the day he took me, nearly 50 years ago to see the statue of the white rabbit. 
 My daughter is now 19 and, like many, many others around the world, is Alice obsessed. 
There are books, films, Computer games, board games, china, chess sets, artworks all dedicated to Alice, the list goes on and on. 
A couple of years ago after an episode of Coast that featured to towns links with Alice, I brought my daughter to visit the town to experience the Alice magic I had as a child and to trace the hotels and streets built by my Grandfathers family.
Despite our searches, and visits to the Tourist information bureau, finding anything Alice was almost impossible. 
 The town was tired, the refined Victorian splendour I so fondly remembered was hidden by the taint of the poundshops and cheap cafes.
We could not understand why the town was not embracing it's Alice history?
  It was almost as if it was holding the golden egg and not quite knowing what to do with it. Then, last year we saw the Alice Trail project on the news. 
 Eager to return and see the Trail and the town come back to life, and bring family and friends I have just searched to find out when to visit. 
But it seems the town is not in favour, the Hospitality Association is against the plans. 
Please, as someone on the outside looking in, your town NEEDS something like this. 
It is suffocating itself and needs some new life.
You are being handed such an opportunity here, whatever you think of Lewis's works, and however tentative you believe the links to your town to be, the outside World WANTS to believe it, and handled correctly, the will come.

Ysgol Llandrillo yn Rhos.

There appears to be a lot of trouble going on at this school in Rhos on Sea, The head teacher was recently under investigation after several allegations were made, and posted on the Freedom of Information site, Also complaints about children not being watched or supervised by staff during playtime, and now this! I wonder what the parents at Ysgol Llandrillo yn Rhos are thinking? and all from a Conwy Council run school! 

Applies to many such projects!

why else would he sink his ship and set up a cafe in a dump like Colwyn bay?Because the grants mean you don't have to be very good, don't have to be very successful, don't have to have many customers and don't have to take much risk. The grants and tax breaks operate against existing businesses. And at the end of the grant phase - bye bye.

Same thing is going on with outlets up and down the high streets.

And it damages existing businesses because they cannot compete because the grant-aided subsidised start-ups have far lower operating costs. So the existing ones slowly close down and at the end of the grants phase the aided ones close, relocate a couple of doors and restart on more grants and then eventually all you have is grant-aided businesses and a council wondering why it's local commerce is a shambles.

The start-up grants should be scrapped and replac
ed with low-interest loans.

Deck chairs for hire?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "One of Llandudno's greatest assets!":

"On Wednesday last, visitors to Llandudno, and there were lots of them, were confronted by the construction of Llandudno Quarry at the Craig y Don end.
I know, lets go to the other end, hire a deckchair and sit in the sun for an hour or two.
Wait a minute, the council run deck chair hire facility is all closed and shuttered up.
 Don't they know it is Easter.
This lot could not run a whelk stall let alone a complete holiday resort.

Alice wooden figures.

So we have a figure of £9250 for the figures and contrary to what Alice Ltd said, there are plans to replace one of the figures.
FOI 6917-14


Will you please provide me with the following information in relation to the hideous looking wooden Alice figures around Llandudno.


1. what was the procurement process for the figures?

The Authority’s Contract Standing Orders procedure was adhered to in the procurement of the figures.


2. total cost of the figures?



3. who has made the decision to already replace one of the figures and what will the cost be?

We are in discussions with Mostyn Estates about replacing one of the figures. If it is decided to replace the figure then a decision will need to be reached as to where this replacement is funded from.


4. What permission was sought to allow these figures to be placed on a public highway?

We have permitted development permission that allows us to place the figures on our land as part of the business that we conduct.


5. If the cat is a privatly commissioned piece outside the Lilly West Shore what permission was sought to allow it to be placed on a public highway?

As above

Monday, 21 April 2014

Support of council officers or not?

I'm very disappointed by the apparent indifference of the county councillors whose wards covers the beach in Llandudno.
This has caused so much passion and discussion in the town and indeed the country, yet where have they been?
It surely follows that they either agree with the people or agree and support the officers of the council in their endeavours in keeping Llandudno safe from the threat of flooding.
Which is it?

Porth Eirias, To Let!

Thanks to Colin Flannagan for flagging this up
Now What?

Friday, 18 April 2014


  1. By next Tuesday (Day 225) it will be a month since said contract was "imminent" and "a matter of days" away...

Tom Davidson ‏@WeeklyNewsBay  · 7h  

For what it's worth @BrynPorthEirias still says it will be opening in early 2014. Doesn't look very likely now...

 Tom Davidson ‏@WeeklyNewsBay  · 7h  

Day 220 of #Brynwatch - still nothing from @ConwyCBC about @BrynPorthEirias at Colwyn Bay - don't expect anything over bank holiday either

"Conwy took a risk in building PE without the transfer / formal agreement of the Crown Estate for the foreshore it now occupies. The initial outline agreement was based and costed for a community use. When the agreement was to be finalised the Crown Estate re-evaluated the charge based on a commercial rate, with a resultant uplift in the cost. Conwy hadn't budgeted for the uplift and until the negiotated cost had been finalised no sublease could be agreed with Bryn. The delay was nothing to do with the building design. "

"The shed on the beach for that's what it is, hence thee reason why the Crown Estate sent CCCBC a bill for £55,000 for erecting it on their land. It now seems to be delaying the Bistro as the Crown estates is involved in the grant of the lease.
I remember asking the M.E.P. at the first public consultation what the hell the EU and thee Welsh Assembly where doing trusting an organisation with such a poor track record on capital projects , the outcome was inevitable .
It continues they now intend in the next phases to reduce its main asset of car parking by around 30%. The more you look in to what is happening the more questionable it all becomes."

Them and us, again!

Over on the Three Towns Forum the subject of advertising on council owned property has raised it's head again.
There are also too numerous to mention signs everywhere advertising some boat show.
Why are they allowed and nobody else is?

Re: The 3 Towns Arms
   Anyone noticed all the posters going up on spare railings etc around the area. Advertising the coming of Tom Jones to Eirias in the summer.
   Well thats O.K., Ive nothing against a bit of advertising. Ive done plenty myself in my time.
   But --- But,   you try putting up posters on railings to advertise anything you like on the scale of the Tom Jones posters. You will rapidly have a call from an official from Conwy Council to tell you in no uncertain terms that you cannot do that.
   I know, for sure. Because I've been on the receiving end of the knock on my door.
   When bus services were deregulated and thrown open to any tom dick and harry bus operator by Margaret Thatcher in 1986, I put in for several bits and pieces bus services i.e. early on Sunday mornings, hardly used country routes etc etc. Sort of stuff Crosville didn't really want. A condition of tendering was that you published your timetable and you put it up on every bus stop on the route. Plus your company name.
    So I did that. I had to do that. Margaret Thatcher said so. But I couldn't afford large printed timetables in a glass fronted case, so I stuck them up with a bit of paste, or cable ties and wrote them with a felt pen.
     The official from Denbighshire (most of the routes were around Rhyl) trotted along into Conwy area where I lived, and gave me a good telling off. I put my side of the argument but he wasn't impressed. After about half an hours bickering he pulled out what he thought was his trump card ---- Have the Dept of Transport been told about this?  Told, I said. TOLD.  Its them that are making me do it.
   There were no winners in the battle. I never took them down but I never replaced them and weather eventually destroyed the majority of them.
    Anyway, are Conwy officials going to call on Conwy officials to take Tom Jones posters down?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Regrettable but true.

   I found this comment on Facebook, I'm sorry to say but I agree with the writter, that rock is staying where the council have put it.

"Sorry folks but your putting your heads in The sand if you think this council will reinstate Llandudno northshore to its former glory .
They won't admit they dropped a clanger or is that several million rocks."

Mad Hatters.

As much as I am sure everybody wishes the new Ice Cream parlour in Llandudno every success it does make you wonder what this Alice group of mad hatters are up to. We have Forte's Ice cream that has traded for more years than I can remember on Mostyn Street and up in Happy Valley we have locally made ice cream by Parisella's since 1952.
Think about it Happy Valley?
The Alice Hatters now have a few tours up and running and where is the first place they favour?
A brand new outlet,not an existing one like Forte's and Parisella's that have traded through thick and thin.
Amazing where their loyalties lie.
Not just me saying this but Hoteliers and shopkeepers, all wondering where this public funded outfit are going to stick their noses next.
All aided and abetted by the county council funded by the very businesses they will promote against.

What's the cost?

How much have these statues cost to be varnished?

"Mark Richards
 hi mark.  I agree with you about negativity however let me raise two questions.
1/ if the statues require maintenance every two years at say a cost of £8000. Should the Alice in Wonderland Llandudno - ALICE tld contribute towards this ongoing cost?
2/ lets hope the tour is a huge success yet the council face deeper cuts and are unable to maintain the statues.  How should then pay to maintain them?

Having the ability to ask questions is part of a open and inclusive local authority and any business that cares about its wider local audience.

What are your thoughts?"

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

One of Llandudno's greatest assets!

Reader photo, NR
Whilst the safety of all is paramount to the council, did they have to carry all this work out on a peak week of the opening Bank Holiday of the year and block the Prom off to the tourists?
Is there an officer or councillor with a grain of sense left that would at least not have effected a better plan than to barricade off one of Llandudno's greatest assets?
If I were a tourist business or hotelier on the front I would be tearing my hair out at the gross ineptitude of the council, it's officers and elected councillors.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Curse of the Finch!

Burchett tweeted that he wants a full statement from Conwy Council Leader,funny his master had tweeted the same, I told him as much and he saw his arse over it. The truth is Mayor Burchett is more of a peacock strutting around than a humble town mayor. I suppose the last thing you can accuse most councillors is being is humble.
Janet Finch -Saunders and peacock Burchett are so close these days they are nearly touching.
Till she falls out with him and he will be another casualty of The Curse of The Finch!

Mayor Burchett.

Mayor Burchett is the subject of a few comments over on the Three Towns Forum.
Anybody know any more?
I know that he is a rather grand sort of character that is immensely impressed with Janet Finch and his new position working as her office manager.
Must be quiet in the shop.

"When is a Mayor not a Mayor?  A little dicky bird tells me

It seems that the Llandudno Town Mayor has taken some form of employment (probably unpaid) with our AM, Janet Finch-Saunders, and that the majority (if not all) of the Mayoral duties are now being carried out by the Deputy Mayor.

Is it right that the Mayor, who receives a generous allowance from the Townsfolk, should be carrying out Electoral work for the AM, rather than completing the duties he swore to do at his Mayor Making Ceremony?  Surely he could refrain from such activities for another month or so rather than getting himself involved in Election proceedings, yet to be announced?

Obviously JF-S is aware of this and should not condone such behaviour.  Or is she demonstrating that her political ambitions are more important than anything else?"

"Come on Yorkie, a politicians ambitions are almost always more important than anything else.Civic heads usually refrain from party political activity during their year of office.  They change over sometime in May"

"There are the questions of PROTOCOL and CIVIC DUTY, some Councillors are obviously devoid of such considerations!    WWW

I noticed on TV today that JF-S was at the Welsh Conservatives Conference.  David Jones gave a fantastic and sensible speech which almost had me converted to Conservatism!   I think, however, that I may follow Nigel at the next Election!"

Sunday, 13 April 2014

"The New Alice in Wonderland Town Trail map is in its design stage, how exciting! Looks like going to print early next week in time for marketing at the best of Britain and Ireland event in March. 

Here is a little taster of the map, sorry we can't show you any more at the moment.

"Follow the White Rabbit" Coming Soon 2014"

  • s Should be Alice in wonderland trail llandudno. Be proud
  • David Williams Which press release?
  • David Williams I follow your page as it's the only communication tool you use that provides a insight into the current situation.
  • David Williams You originally put forward a plan that seemed to involve local businesses, the people of llandudno and all the relevant stakeholders. As time has passed you've in my view deliberately not made any effort to include,consult,answer and indeed listen to anyone who you see or think as being negative. As a community enterprise you are bound to include and engage people's opinion. You haven't. Simple!. It is getting to the point that even I an intial supporter of the project can't get behind it because I as a member of the public can't get to see what is being developed and ask any questions. The best ambassadors the trail Could of had for visitors to the town were the local community. You've missed this opportunity, big time. Very sad. I am sure you will be happy that as long as the project goes ahead and any salaries are paid. It will be seen as a triumph by the A.L.I.C.E team. I for one can't wait until there is a public meeting.
    • Alice in Wonderland Llandudno An overview of the Digital E-Tour and town trail was presented to representatives from Hotels, Guest Houses and B and B's last year in St George's Hotel. We couldn't present the level of detail we would have liked, as the project was still in its early development stage. We have already posted previously that we will have an open day or exhibition or presentation whereby members of the public can view details. That still stands and when we are ready , we will announce it. I hope that that helps clarify where we are at, at the moment. Thankyou for your comments.
  • David Williams Nothing
  • David Williams Meaning. ... there's no need to involve or engage the input of the local community? ?
  • David Williams You've left the community of llandudno behind
  • David Williams Mmmm
  • David Williams No mention of llandudno on it???? The place-town that is supposedly central to this trial.
  • Alice in Wonderland Llandudno It's for the benefit of the community of Llandudno.
  • James Joseph Jones Llandudno is on the front cover David!
  • Crafty Cakes Our Mad Hatters Tea Party inspired wedding cake at a wedding at the St.George Hotel, Llandudno last year. Many more pics if you want to see? x
  • David Williams You are intelligent people. A press release is not a two way communication tool. Face to Face public meetings and exhibitions are. When did these take place?.