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Monday, 10 March 2014

Llandudno Hospitality view.

"One thing that we havent really discussed on here is the current Planning Application for the Alice Trail around Llandudno. This proposes to install '19 aluminium statues, most standing over 4ft /1.2 metres tall', around the town, together with 55 brass pawprints. Personally, I think the town's supposed links with Alice are vague at best and the only tangible remains (Penmorfa) were demolished a few years ago. As such, I'm not really in favour - cant we put all this money towards new pavements along Mostyn St instead?

I reproduce below an email from the Llandudno Hospitality Association on the matter, what does everyone else think?",7.msg71090/topicseen.html?PHPSESSID=2qvo6gtpfk8sqf1310t5r1tq45#msg71090

There is a proposal to locate up to 19 aluminium statues, most standing over 4ft /1.2 metres tall.
They will be bronze coloured and more akin to a Disney type character than the original Alice white rabbit.
The statutes will carry a bar code which will link to an AP on a mobile telephone.
They will be located within the Conservation Area of Llandudno.

- Alice Trail Ltd is currently funded from public money that is our money!

Conwy County Borough Council 65K
Visit Wales 80K
Llandudno Town Council 7K

Alice Trail Ltd are already drawing down salaries from these funds.

LHA is not against the establishment of a digital trail featuring our town's link with Alice in Wonderland.

LHA has objected to this proposal on the following grounds;
-Cumulative impact within the street scene of Llandudno
-No sample materials or replica statue to be revealed to members of the CCBC Planning Committee prior to final decision making on March 12th
-19 statues adding to the street furniture in Llandudno are not necessary to create a digital trail. Other options can be explored.
-no guarantees regarding funding ongoing maintenance and repairs
- no guarantees of a sustained income if businesses do not pay annual sponsorship of the statues

Exaggerated Claims being made by Supporters.

The Trail will attract thousands of tourists?
The Trail will provide a year round attraction? Walking around our town through Nov to end of Feb calls for a robust tourist?
This Trail will not be all weather.

Alice Trail Ltd stress the income that tourism brings into Llandudno and the employment it generates. They claim 600m a year and 11K jobs.
Those figures are achieved and have been achieved without littering our elegant Victorian and Edwardian streets with inappropriate street furniture.These figures cannot guarantee that income.
The assertion that the proposal will grow those figures is speculative.

Here in Llandudno it is clear that our Victorian and Edwardian town attracts visitors.
LLandudno has not fallen into a steep decline like other seaside towns across the UK but is not immune from that decline.
LIttering what is left of the elegance of the Victorian and Edwardian street scene endangers Llandudno's unique selling point(USP)
We should be calling upon CCBC to work in the spirit of the Conservation Act which is to protect, preserve and enhance.


Anonymous said...

This project will be more of a White Elephant than a White Rabbit trail.
Conwy Council/ alice ltd are clutching at Straws and have more in common with Worzel Gummidge than anything else

Jacqui thornton said...

I am not from Llandudno, but my Grandfathers family are and were builders that built many houses and hotels around the town. As a child my Grandfather would bring me on visits to the town and I can remember to this day the magical feeling the day he took me, nearly 50 years ago to see the statue of the white rabbit. My daughter is now 19 and, like many, many others around the world, is Alice obsessed. There are books, films, Computer games, board games, china, chess sets, artworks all dedicated to Alice, the list goes on and on. A couple of years ago after an episode of Coast that featured to towns links with Alice, I brought my daughter to visit the town to experience the Alice magic I had as a child and to trace the hotels and streets built by my Grandfathers family. Despite our searches, and visits to the Tourist information bureau, finding anything Alice was almost impossible. The town was tired, the refined Victorian splendour I so fondly remembered was hidden by the taint of the poundshops and cheap cafes. We could not understand why the town was not embracing it's Alice history? It was almost as if it was holding the golden egg and not quite knowing what to do with it. Then, last year we saw the Alice Trail project on the news. Eager to return and see the Trail and the town come back to life, and bring family and friends I have just searched to find out when to visit. But it seems the town is not in favour, the Hospitality Association is against the plans. Please, as someone on the outside looking in, your town NEEDS something like this. It is suffocating itself and needs some new life. You are being handed such an opportunity here, whatever you think of Lewis's works, and however tentative you believe the links to your town to be, the outside World WANTS to believe it, and handled correctly, the will come.