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Friday, 19 April 2013


I am many things but I'm not stupid, the scam below in my opinion is not a lot worse than other collections that have been held in the Victoria Centre where some fellows solicit money off unsuspecting members in return for only giving 20% to the actual charity.
The Victoria Centre management really do need to look at this arrangement of theirs as it does their credibility no good whatsoever in having the company they have there collecting and giving such a pittance in return to the most noble charity Help For Heroes.

"Fundraiser, 51, charged with stealing £561,000 meant for the Help for Heroes Armed Forces charityChristopher Copeland to appear in court accused of 15 counts of fraud
Alleged to have employed teams of collectors across the country
Accused of depositing £518,397 of charity cash into a business account

Also accused of keeping £42,711 donated by the public"

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Anonymous said...

ummm sounds like my rates I pay to CONwy council I get a pitance back in services