This is a an attempt at giving an honest opinion of how I see certain things of interest in the Conwy County area of North Wales, Current affairs in general,and an assortment of general thoughts,also to take an odd pop at those in public life who get a bit too complacent to the needs of the area and local people.

There are a many people out there who feel the same way, and have neither the place or time to air their views.
The silent majority.
the people are the masters!

Monday, 18 February 2013

For the avoidance of doubt for certain people.


Mike Hunt said...

Quite agree with you Oscar, you C**T

Ted.E.Bear said...

Whoa there a minute!!
I'm the only bear who uses language like that on this blog.
Who the F##K is Mike Hunt anyway?
Steve's brother?

Anonymous said...

No, he's Isaac's brother.

E-Thug said...

Foul mouthed bears need a cap in their ass!

Ted.E.Bear said...


You are back again eh?
You appear to have lost weight. And some height??

E-Thug said...


Been on a 90 day wonder diet.

So far I've lost 45 days!

Miguel Hunt said...

As a child I cut up my kid brother' teddy and rolled the dismembered limbs in paper just like I'd seen the butcher do. Diss me Mr E-Teddy and I'll do you the same way too. Nobody FUUUUUUUCHS with Miguel.