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Thursday, 24 January 2013

No Bog Is An Island To It's Self!

"Most of Conwy County's toilets are going over to a 20p charge as they are refurbished. I suppose if it guarantees a clean, well maintained toilet, then its not such a bad thing.

Speaking of toilets, the Town Council run toilets at Bog Island have been closed for several months now - why?"

The above was posted on The Three Towns Forum.
Why are the toilets on Bog Island closed I wonder?
Anybody any ideas?


Anonymous said...

The time has come for all GLT folk to organise and put the council straight by forming a daisey chain and having a mass sit-in against any increase in charges and trying to destroy the ambiance and wall art of our loo's.

"Smash Badger Watch"

Anonymous said...

Down to money I suppose!! On that subject, when the Iceland banking crisis first hit it appeared that Conwy Council had millions invested in these banks, when questioned about it they said it was "rainy day money" As they had all their(our) money back isn't it it time to realise the rainy day has come and to spend on essential services

Anonymous said...

I understand that there has been a leak of Hydrogen Monoxide which CCBC are struggling to rectify at bog island.


Anonymous said...

I'd heard it was an ingress of water and the old pump could not cope so the place was flooded.

The Red Flag said...

Anglesey is going to close all it's public toilets. Something - for an island so dependnet on day trip tourism, I would have thought suicidal.

Anonymous said...

Publish the names and addresses of all councillors who vote to close public toilets and encourage anyone, visitor or local when needing the facility go bang on the front door of said councillor(s) and demand to use the bog.


Anonymous said...

A different kind of Cr*p but the same Conwy Council

A Shoddy road resurface job

Less than 6 months ago Conwy Council re-surfaced the Majority of Prince's Drive Colwyn Bay!!
On Thursday ... te ripped the the same length of road like 1/3 mile .. and have started to resurface the whole of the road ...

Conwy council at it's best

It ui absolute madness a total waste of public money and a pain in the ass to all who travel through Colwyn Bay

What Idiot in the council passed this passed Shoddy job in the first place ?

Anonymous said...

Ted Heath: The Cottaging Paedophile

Anonymous said...

Ted Heath the man who got rid of Enoch because he told the truth.