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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fort Knox.

Anyone else notice how the Group 4 depot on Builder Street now looks more like Fort Knox than just a plain depot?
It now has a ring of steel right the way around it and two huge boulders acting as anti ram deterrents.
They must have had some sort of intelligence to warn them of their vulnerability to have acted in such a way.
A sign of the times, desperate times call for desperate measures no doubt.


The Red Flag said...

If they've up-ed the security to that extent they must be holding large sums of cash over night for the bank branches across the western part of North Wales.

Anonymous said...

More likely that they've taken on a new contract which has stipulated enhanced security.

The Red Flag said...

Since when have G4 been ar$ed about contracts. Olympics? And the screw-ups they've made in Iraq and Afghanistan are the stuff of legend.

It will almost be because the insurers have insisted on it after a risk assessment because of something they are about to do at that depot. Be armed robbers queuing up outside soon. Get some proper stories in the Post for a change.

Ronnie said...

I'll get meself a job there, they always have a minimum wage insider on the job.

Anonymous said...

The upgrade is merely raising to the basic standard for that type of firm,, nothing out of the ordinary.
If they don't maintain the standard they would be seen as an easy target for villains from the North West who would take advantage of the reduced risk from their point of view.

Anonymous said...

I thought cash was becoming a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

G4 is this the same company as Group 4 that screwed up Prisoner transport when first outsourced.